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    An Arm & a Leg helps lymphoedema patientsto change their lives by providing the best decongestive lymphatic therapy in the UK

British Lymphology Society

    Welcome to the Lymphoedema Support Network website. If you have developed lymphoedema, you are not alone; it is estimated that well over 100,000 men, women and children in the UK are living with the condition.

Department of Hyuman genetics

European Lymphologic Network


National Lymphedema Network (USA)

    The National Lymphedema Network (NLN) is an internationally recognized non-profit organization founded in 1988 to provide education and guidance to lymphedema patients, health care professionals and the general public by disseminating information on the prevention and management of primary and secondary lymphedema.

The Lymphoedema Association of Australia

    This website is undergoing updating and change at the moment under the guidance of Professor Neil Piller from the Lymphoedema Assessment Clinic in the Department of Surgery at Flinders Medical Centre. We regret that during this time that e-mail communication will not be possible.

Vereniging manuele lymfdrainage ad modum Vodder (Belgie)

    Officiële website van kinesitherapeuten, fysiotherapeuten en oedeemtherapeuten gespecialiseerd in manuele lymfe (lymphe) drainage ad modum Vodder (MLDV) - Virginia Cool School

Vodder Schule (Duitsland)